Wesleyan Medical Missions

Wesleyan Medical Missions is a non-profit organization
that was founded on bringing medical help to the impovirshed people in Third World Countries.

Our work is free to all those that are in need regardless of religion, race or beliefs. Our trips have covered the grounds of Africa, Haiti, South America, Central America and the United States.

The main core of our trips is to provide medical help to the underprivileged, but our volunteers are so diverse in different trades that we have and continually will provide dental, electrical, optical and construction.

All of our supplies have been graciously donated by individuals, offices and companies.

Please visit our photo gallery. Even the simplest gift such as a stuffed bear, happy meal toy or a balloon can make a difference to these people.

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El Salvador
February 2018

November 2015

Panama I
November 2014

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