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We always start out our day with testimonies and a prayer
asking for guidence. We work with missionaries in all of the areas that our teams go to, this way the word speads to the people since this is their only way of communication.

After the testimonial time we have a hearty breakfast and mentally prepare ourselves for a long day. the reat of the day consists of loading our tranportation with the supplies, unloading when we arrive at that days destination, lay out medicines for a make shift pharmacy while setting up doctors and nurses staions while arranging the hundrreds of people in some type of orderly fashion.

We work non-stop from before 8:00 am until 5:00-6:00 pm, depending on the line of people. Lunches are taken in shifts so we can continuously provide medical attention to our brothers and sisters of this world. After a long days work the supplies are packed back into the transportation and we head back to the place that we are staying the night. We usually all have dinner together and reflect on the days work, but so are so tired that they just go right to bed.

Our volunteers will treat a range of 300-800 people in one day for a week at a time. These trips are two weeks long so our gracious volunteers will go for the first, second or both weeks.

Through our work we have started two medical facilites, one in Burkino Faso, Africa and the other in La Esperanza, Honduras. All of the medicines that are not used thoughout the trip are then dispersed to local medical facilities.

Thank you for all of those that have donated to our cause. If it were not for your gracious hearts, we would not be able to provide these services and save lives.

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