Who We Are

Our organization consists of health professionals and volunteers who use their personal time and come together a couple times a year to help the poverty stricken around the World.

We started when a missionary approached us at church. He asked if we could help out the deprived people in Africa where he lives. From that time, the first trip changed the lives of these volunteers and continually has for all the new people volunteers.

In the past 15 years our organization has help start two medical clinics, provided medicines, medical supplies, clothing, construction, bibles, toys, school desks and materials.

Our organizatioin has provided medical relief or the poorest people in the World. With volunteers from a variety of expertises, we have provided not only life saving medical attention, but also rewired electrical lines in buildings, installed wind mills for power, constructed housing and other buildings, handed out glasses and lead those who are interested to know the LORD.

Please visit our photo gallery. Even the simplest gift such as a stuffed bear, happy meal toy or a balloon can make a difference to these people.

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El Salvador
February 2018

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November 2014

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